About Us

        ImBuyingThis is a free online magazine operated by a bunch of geeks with too much time on their hands.

We search the web looking for the most interesting products we can find, that can be bought on the internet.

Our philosophy is simple: we display the most interesting stuff you can find and buy on the web. We have no interest in spamming any boring or lame products at our followers. When you visit ImBuyingThis you'll only find interesting, prototypical, innovative and occasionally humorous products.

Many of the items listed on our site do infact return a small commission for product referral, however this is not the sole motivation for featuring an item. Our Team of Geeks regularly lists products that we receive absolutely no compensation for. We do not carry any products listed on this site, nor do we directly sell any products.

Thank you for reading our about us. - ImBuyingThis Team